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Family Fights For Refund Of $800 In Cubs Tickets From Third-Party Vendor

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Chicago family is out more than $800 for tickets to the Cubs home opener -- a game that never happened. The family reached out to CBS 2 because they say VividSeats, a third party ticket seller, won't give a refund, even though the game was canceled.

Tiffany Canedo said those opening day tickets were a Christmas gift from her husband, and after three months of back and forth, they just want their money back.

"It's been three months, just holding onto our money indefinitely for three months," she said. "I don't even know how they're out money, to be honest, there was no game. It's not like they're paying for the tickets."

Tiffany said the tickets, she bought directly through the Cubs, for other games that have been canceled, were refunded immediately.

After months of back and forth, she says VividSeats sent an email Thursday explaining they were denied a refund and will, instead, get a $814 credit that expires in December.

"Our governor said there's not going to be any large events or things going on, so I'm not sure where they come up with this 'We'll give you a credit and it expired in six months,'" she said.

She said the family tried to dispute the charge with their bank, but they were denied.

She said the family tried to dispute the charge with their bank. A spokesperson for VividSeats told us that dispute is what caused the hold-up.

"We are thrilled to report back the customer in question had requested - and was going to be receiving - the entire refund of their full purchase. Due to the customer contacting their credit card company regarding their purchase, we were unfortunately forced to be delayed in providing a refund. During these tough times, Vivid Seats is proud to provide full refunds for canceled events. We realize not all companies are able to provide full refunds at this time, but at Vivid Seats we have process millions of dollars of refunds for thousands of customers since the global pandemic shut down all live events in America."
CBS 2 is told Tiffany and her family will be refunded.
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