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Cubs Position Mockups Of Proposed Scoreboard At Wrigley

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Credit: Will Byington

(CBS) In one of the first steps in building an electronic scoreboard at Wrigley Field, the Cubs today began erecting mockups of possible scoreboards and signage in the outfield.

At the corner of Waveland and Sheffield Avenues, cranes began hoisting up mockups of the right field sign and tarps representing the proposed 6,000-square-foot video screen, the Tribune reports.

Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts viewed the changes from a rooftop on Sheffield and wasn't surprised by what he saw.

"It was what we expected," Ricketts said, adding he considered the sign to be "minimal" blockage of the view of rooftops.

The Tribune reports Cubs president Crane Kenney and Ald. Tom Tunney were also present to see the proposed changes.

A spokesperson for the Cubs said this exercise was commissioned solely by the team and wasn't ordered by any governing body.

"Our voluntary exercise today was to get a see what the outline and size of a potential video board would look like over the bleachers, " Cubs spokesperson Julian Green said. "This is all part of an evaluation process as we work to come up with the best locations for our proposed signs while minimizing the impact to our rooftop partners."

The team also said there are no plans in place to begin construction.

Following the Cubs' moves today, the Wrigleyville Rooftop Association released the following statement:

"We appreciate the Cubs' willingness to demonstrate the impact of their sign plan.  We were shown several options today, which we will verify with the permit applications they have submitted to the City of Chicago.  We know one thing for sure: Signs on the Rooftops have no obstruction of our patrons' views and remain the best solution to provide sign revenue to the team."

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Credit: Will Byington
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Credit: Will Byington
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