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Cubs Manager David Ross Believes Kris Bryant Will Be On His Opening Day Roster Despite Trade Rumors

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Cubs kicked off their convention week by packing up more than $115,000 worth of baseball equipment for 50 Chicago youth organizations and schools.

This offseason, they added a new manager in David Ross, but no new talent on the field – at least so far. The rumors continue to fly that Kris Bryant or other high -profile players could be traded maybe even before this season starts.

"It's kind of irresponsible and naïve of us players to not know that they have a business to run, and we're part of their business and we're a part of that entity. And realistically for the next two (and three) years… (for) a few of us (who will have expiring contracts) that uncertainty is here, and you're going to hear rumors flying. You're going to hear people writing this and people writing that," said first baseman Anthony Rizzo, "and we have a job to do and that's win and that's win here."

"I'm excited, like I said, as to how things stand right now coming into camp. KB is on the roster and I expect him to be there and I think the fans should expect him to be there. It's an exciting time to be a Cubs manager," Ross said. "There's a lot of talent. There's no ceiling for this team. I really think this team could win the World Series. That's the way I'm looking at things."

Meanwhile Thursday, the MLB sign-stealing scandal has taken down another manager. Carlos Beltran is out as manager of the New York Mets before he even got to coach a game.

Beltran, a longtime Houston Astro, was the only player named in the sign-stealing scandal – which even amped up Thursday to include reports of buzzing devices in jerseys. The Boston Red Sox also fired Alex Cora, and remain under investigation.

Rizzo said Thursday that he just wants all the high-level cheating out of the game.

"It's something hopefully that's nixed fast. You know, there's in-game stuff that's part of the game, but if they did stuff, that, I think takes it a little too far. MLB's done a good job the last few years to have guys in the clubhouse and all around honoring it, so to be doing it still is not easy, and it's blatantly going out of the way," Rizzo said.

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