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Cubs Fan Using App To Play 'Go Cubs Go' On St. Louis Area Juke Boxes

(CBS) -- A Cubs fan -- hundreds of miles from either St. Louis or Chicago -- says he's spent 50 dollars this afternoon trying to annoy Cardinals fans.

The Cubs fan tweeted that he was using an app to remotely play "Go Cubs Go" on the juke boxes of St. Louis bars, just as Cardinals fans started gathering for the game.


One of the bars where he said he played the Steve Goodman song was Rizzo's.

"It came on a couple of times and the juke box was up kind of loud. So we wasn't expecting that and it kind of scared (us)," said Kathy, the manager of Rizzo's in the suburbs of St. Louis. "I go, 'Well, I don't know where that song came from.' And probably about 15 minutes ago it came on again."

She says she and her customers were more amused than anything else.

By the way -- the Cubs fan who forced "Go Cubs Go" upon St. Louis is from Arizona.

He declined an interview, saying,"I prefer to remain anonymous in my lighthearted trolling."

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