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Cubs excited to play in MLB's second "Field of Dreams" game in Iowa; 'I'm not going to forget this moment'

Cubs players soaking in all the nostalgia ahead of Field of Dreams game in Iowa
Cubs players soaking in all the nostalgia ahead of Field of Dreams game in Iowa 02:07

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It's going down in Iowa. The Cubs will take on the Reds in the Field of Dreams game Thursday night.

It's a once in a lifetime chance for the major leaguers to be kids again.

CBS 2's Marshall Harris reports the excitement was palatable in Dyersville, with two new fan bases gathering at the ballpark in the cornfield, a year after last year's thrilling showdown between the White Sox and Yankees.

The Field of Dreams isn't just about the fans, though. You'd be hard-pressed to convince the players they're not the ones having the best time.

It's not often you see a whole team of big leaguers with their cell phones out, documenting everything around them at the ballpark, but that was the case when the Cubs walked out onto the field for the first time in Iowa.

The cubs took a team photo, and then took a trip through the corn to the Field of Dreams movie set, where they were like kids in a candy store.

Simply put, this is just a unique experience for fans and players alike. Even though they'd seen last year's game on tv, it hit different when they actually got to Dyersville.

"Just a lot of wows so far; goosebumps, and it's just really cool. You can kind of sense it in the atmosphere here," said Cubs third baseman Patrick Wisdom. "It's more than I expected. Watching it on TV, I don't think it gives you a real glimpse of the detail here, and the care that people have taken to put this on, and provide such a cool event."

"I've seen the movie, and for me to stay here, this is beautiful, I'm not going to forget this moment," said Cubs outfielder Christopher Morel.

One thing that makes this year different, and maybe more special, is knowing there won't be a Field of Dreams game next year, because of construction on the site, and we don't know when exactly it will return.

In addition, the 7th inning stretch will feature a tribute to the late Harry Caray, the legendary Cubs broadcaster.

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