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Cubs' Chris Bosio Will Review Catching Game Plans With Kyle Schwarber

Chris Bosio with Mully & Hanley

(CBS) At 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Cubs pitching coach Chris Bosio has an important meeting, one that will happen once every five game days.

Second-year pro Kyle Schwarber won't be suiting up in the 2016 season after suffering a torn ACL and LCL in his left knee recently, but he'll be preparing as such with Bosio. Each day before a Jason Hammel start, Schwarber -- who was originally set to be Hammel's personal catcher -- will review the game plan for the next game's opponent with Bosio.

Though it won't be Schwarber catching for Hammel, the Cubs are still preparing Schwarber for the possibility, as Bosio explained an interview with the Mully & Hanley Show on Wednesday.

"We want to keep his mind right," Bosio said of Schwarber. "He's a smart kid. Being in the clubhouse, he's going to be able to help some of the other players -- veterans or rookies -- on all aspects of the game. Those are the expectations we have of him."

The 23-year-old Schwarber remains an important piece for the Cubs' future. Before his injury, he was set to be the regular left fielder and catch once every five days in 2016. Though it hasn't been completely determined whether he projects to play left field or catcher beyond 2016, the Cubs want Schwarber to be ready for either direction.

More importantly, the Cubs want to challenge Schwarber to stay sharp during his rehabilitation begins -- even before the surgery.

"We're not going to let him sit in crutches or sit in a chair with a foot up because the guy is out for the season," Bosio said. "Our clubhouse doesn't work like that, the organization doesn't work like that. We're going to get him involved with what Kyle will like and what we need."

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