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Cubs announcer Jeremiah Paprocki has new late night show in Chicago

Cubs PA Jeremiah Paprocki becomes late-night show host
Cubs PA Jeremiah Paprocki becomes late-night show host 03:44

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Three years ago, Jeremiah Paprocki made history as the first African American to serve as public address announcer for the Chicago Cubs.

He was also the youngest PA announcer at Wrigley Field at just 21 years old, landing the coveted Cubs gig while still an undergraduate at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

His life has been very different since getting that job.

"It's changed a lot," Paprocki said. "I'm kinda like this college student in the books trying to get the degree but also at games, just kinda building up my skills, and then all of a sudden, an entire fan base knows who I am. Welcoming me in, trying to take pictures with me, getting my autograph. It's been a mind-blowing experience."

His next venture: hosting a late-night show in Chicago.

Paprocki has the pipes for the PA. But what's next will have the spotlight shone directly on him.

Sitting in the press box and being the Cubs PA announcer at Wrigley Field is different than being on stage at the Studebaker Theater. Paprocki calls the stage his playground.

"Yeah, essentially, the stage is my playground. So, it's my chance to basically have a blank canvas. Now, when I'm up there. It's my show. Me and my team have done a great job of envisioning what that would look like. We have a house band, we have the desk and couch that is so synonymous with late-night TV. From there on, when I'm out on stage, we're just going to have fun."

The fun begins March 24th with the first live taping of Late Nights in Chicago. So far, Paprocki has plans for five pilot episodes, which will be set in front of a live audience and streaming on YouTube.

"We want to make that episode Chicago. Whether you're watching from the Studebaker or at home from our YouTube channel, we want to make sure we get the Chicago message across. No better guest to have than Sherman Dilla Thomas and Matt Muse," Paprocki said.

Paprocki's vision for Late Nights in Chicago is to showcase the city's artistic talent, from musicians to comedians and beyond. Paprocki's talent will be on display, too, and at just 24 years old, he says there are no nerves, just butterflies and excitement about building something new in the city that built him.

"There's a lot of young people who are as bold as I am when it comes to pursuing their passions," he said.

"I sometimes even call myself crazy because I'm here planning the biggest thing in my career right now, and I'm only 24. It's so mind-boggling to wrap my mind around it. So, yes, it does feel very weird in terms of where I'm at in my career and my age, but I also don't let that stop me as well too."

"It really doesn't matter race, age, I'm here. I'm breathing. I'm living. I'm here to have the best life experience possible. So I'm just trying to put things together and make them work as best as I can and hopefully, share it with everyone else that I can, and hopefully they enjoy what I'm offering them as well too."

Paprocki has actually dabbled in the late-night format before while hosting a show when he was a student at UIC.

You can find tickets for the first live episode of Late Nights in Chicago at

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