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CTA Updates Code Of Conduct For Commuters

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The CTA has updated its list of things you can't do aboard an 'L' train or bus.

The transit agency is responding to years of complaints in some instances, making it clear that wheelchairs take precedence over grocery carts, luggage and strollers; and that the big items must not block those who are boarding and exiting buses and trains.

CTA spokeswoman Tammy Chase said don't skateboarding isn't allowed on board, or on 'L' platforms. The ban includes skateboards, hoverboards, roller blades, roller skates, and similar items.

Riders can carry most such items, just not use them on CTA property, although Chase said there is a complete ban on hoverboards. Violators can be put off of trains and buses, and fined up to $300.


The CTA has had a "code of conduct" for riders since 1998, and Chase said this is its first front-to-back rewrite. The transit agency promised plenty of publicity about the changes, which will take effect next month after legal requirements are met.

Chase said the updated code incorporates a number of other "minor" changes that reflect similar codes at other transit agencies, particularly those in New York and Los Angeles.

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