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3 Men Arrested For Stealing Woman's Phone On CTA Red Line; 1 Suspect On The Run

CHICAGO (CBS)-- Three men were arrested in connection with a robbery at a Red Line stop. Officers are still searching for a fourth suspect.

Police said four men cornered a woman on the Red Line stop and snatched her cell phone.

Police questioned two men and arrested the robbery suspects.

The victim said the men arrested were just two of the four men who approached her on the Train near the Monroe Stop downtown and took her cell phone.

Another one of the men was arrested after exiting the Monroe stop, but the fourth suspect is still on the loose.

This incident is one of at least six attacks that have happened along a two-mile stretch of the Red Line since Sunday.

All six of the Red Line attacks since Sunday have taken place between Roosevelt and Chicago.

A teenager is facing several felonies for punching and robbing a 61-year-old man on New Year's Eve, downtown on the Red Line.

Police said that teen was part of a group of six to ten young people who jumped the 61-year-old and another man who tried to help.

And these attacks aren't limited to the Red Line.

Chicago police say crime on the CTA has gone up 2% since Thanksgiving, but arrests are up too, to the tune of 180%.

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