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CTA Red Line Track Construction Causing Noise Complaints Among Residents

CHICAGO (CBS)-- The CTA is making improvements to the Red Line tracks and some residents are concerned with the noise that comes with the project.

Construction crews began work at the Addison stop Friday night. Overnight, they hauled in large equipment for the project.

The CTA said the $4 million project will provide a smoother ride and eliminate slow zones.

However, neighbors are complaining about the loud noise in the middle of the night.

The city's code for noise control doesn't address construction specifically, but it does say that noise limits don't apply to the operation of any mass transit system.

"I don't think it's fair that the noise ordinance doesn't apply to them," neighbor Craig Collins said. "I can't have a raging party until five in the morning without some consequences. I don't see why the CTA is allowed to make that kind of noise at those kind of hours when they could be doing that right now, during the daytime."

A CTA spokesperson said some of the work must be done overnight in order to remain on schedule, but they're doing everything they can to minimize the inconvenience to residents and riders.

The construction is scheduled to be finished by April 1.

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