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CTA Map Inspired By Frank Lloyd Wright Design

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Frank Lloyd Wright's influence can be seen all over Chicago, but no place more than Oak Park, where the legendary American architect ran his business from his home.

The CTA's Green Line can take visitors within a short walk to his historic studio and several Wright homes in the neighborhood.

Frank Lloyd Wright
(Credit: Max Roberts)

That line is one the oldest in the city and ran during Wright's time in Oak Park (around the turn of the 20th Century)--initially stopping at Laramie and later extended to Harlem Avenue.

So, what if Wright had designed the CTA's route map?

British cartographer Max Roberts has created a gorgeous interpretation, using Wright's popular Arts and Crafts typography and colors.

Even, Wright-inspired stained glass designs highlight station stops and transfer points.

Roberts also created a CTA map in circular form, inspired by the system's Loop in the center of the city.

CTA Circles Map
(Credit: Max Roberts)

The maps are available for sale.

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