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'Where was the police?': CTA rider describes moments as man swings padlock on bus windows

'It looked like a war zone'
'It looked like a war zone' 01:45

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A man taking a padlock on a string, slamming windows of a CTA bus.

Now, Only on 2, a passenger spoke with CBS 2's Sabrina Franza in West Town.

It happened on the corner of Grand and Damen. A passenger on the bus said someone walked in front of the bus, arms outstretched, stopping it in its tracks. 

At 10:44 Monday night on the Chicago Avenue bus, a man swings what looks like a padlock on a string. He tries again, smashing the window.

The passenger who took the video spoke exclusively with CBS 2. 

"He was swinging it, swinging the lock, running and really causing some serious damage."

There were about 14 others on the bus, squished in the back while the man kept swinging, moving from the front window to the side window.

"It looked like a war zone."

Jim Cosenza said he called 911, but the video continuesand the clock reads 10:50 by with no police on the scene.

"Where was the police? And when you watch the video, there was even drivers passers by, drivers and people walking by did nothing, just continued to walk by," he said.

He was worried he'd have to take matters into his own hands.

"I thought is anyone gonna help me attack this guy if he attacks us," wondered Cosenza.

Later, video shows police responding. No one was hurt. Cosenza said he's never taking the bus again.

"Everytime he hit the glass it was almost like a gunshot," Cosensza said. 

CBS 2 reached out to CPD to see if they have a response about how long it took them to get to this incident. No one has gotten back to us. CPD said the person is in custody and charges are pending.

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