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Woman Tells Harrowing Story After She Was Brutally Attacked By Man She'd Moved Away From On Green Line Train

CHICAGO (CBS) -- An evening commute on Chicago's Green Line left a woman bloodied and battered, and the person who did it is still walking freely.

As CBS 2's Marie Saavedra reported Wednesday night, you know that if you take public transportation in Chicago, it is a toss-up on any given day whom you'll be sitting next to.

We spoke with a woman who had an absolute worst-case scenario on the Green Line in the East Garfield Park community just a few weeks ago - and for that reason, we are hiding her identity.

"Right around the Kedzie stop, an individual got on the train," the woman said. "He wasn't wearing a mask, and he was playing loud music on his phone - and he sat across from me."

The woman said she decided to move to the back of the train car, but that sparked a conflict that would turn violent.

"He kept swearing at me and then he started threating me, so I just got up and I pressed the emergency button," she said.

They were mere minutes from stopping at California Avenue, but the woman said the seconds dragged - and got more dangerous.

"I saw him pull a stick out. And he got up. He started waving it very swiftly in the air," she said. "He was swearing at me."

While stopped at California, the woman went to reach for her bag to get off the train to safety - but the suspect took a swing.

"I don't know what happened. I just saw my face go to the right, go to the left," the woman said. "People started gasping; saying stuff, and I saw blood rushing out."

Chicago Police sources confirm the man hit her with his cane, before walking on to the platform and getting away. They continue to investigate, and the Chicago Transit Authority pulled video from the car with hope that it will help identify the attacker.

"I could have had like permanent damage. I could have had a concussion - over what?" the woman said. "Because I didn't want to sit across from this man and listen to his music."

But since he's still out there, the woman asks that you stay vigilant next time you ride the train.

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