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Crowds Hit The Stores For Post-Holiday Returns, Shopping

CHICAGO (CBS) – The mild temperatures made it a good day to get out after the holiday weekend.

CBS 2's Mai Martinez found lots of people headed to malls and other stores to exchange gifts and shop.

It's the post-Christmas ritual, taking back the items you do not want, to get something you do want.

The Rosemont Target was packed with customers returning gifts and shopping.

"A lot og gift card use, especially in our toy department," said Scott Fritzler, Target Store Team Leader. "A lot of our toys go clearance, and then, definitely in our seasonal department--decorations, wrapping paper, really anything that has to do with Christmas."

Another popular stop on Monday was the Fashion Outlets of Chicago, where people were spending gift cards and looking for the best post-Christmas deals.

"I mean the sales have been good the entire season, but they're really crazy today, so it's just that much better," said Jim Hansen, General Manager of Fashion Outlets of Chicago.

Among the shoppers was former Chicago Bear, Desmond Clark and his family. Clark said there is a strategy for picking Dec. 26.

"Their money could go a little bit farther, that way because you know before Christmas, everything is regular price, but after Christmas is when you get all the sales," Clark said.

"I got myself some boots, a nice new sweater that I got from White and Black and I got myself some super natural rings," said shopper, Gianna Clark.

"I got Under Armor shoes, a jacket, a few shirts," said shopper, Ashanna Clark.

Also on the prowl for good deals was Gretchen Laska and her girls.

"I have an American Eagle gift card," said Ava Laska, who was shopping for new clothes.

"I have 3 Starbucks gift cards. I have one Vinyard Vines and one Nordstrom," said shopper, Cami Laska.

And for mom Gretchen Laska, instead of having time to do some shopping for herself, she is stuck holding the jackets and bags.

It is not too late to get a good deal. Fashion Outlets of Chicago is open until 9 p.m. Monday night.

The general manager estimates by the end of the day, 25 to 30,000 people will have visited the mall.

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