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Crisis responder says he witnessed suspect attack three people on CTA

Crisis responder says he ensured CTA attack suspect was arrested
Crisis responder says he ensured CTA attack suspect was arrested 02:48

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Devonte Jones is accused of attacking CTA passengers and an employee – and actions have even been caught on CTA surveillance cameras. 

As CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot reported, crisis responder Andrew Holmes said he made a point of ensuring that Jones was taken into custody. Holmes said he witnessed Jones attack three people over the course of two days, and called 911.

Prosecutors say Jones, 28, punched a 59-year-old man in the face, at the Chicago Transit Authority Green Line station here at Central Avenue and Lake Street in South Austin on Thursday, Dec. 14.

Police said the man was a transit employee. Prosecutors said he was putting money on his Ventra card at a kiosk when he was attacked.

"Can you imagine, just passengers and CTA workers are getting hit in the face, unexpected -- and bleeding," said Holmes.

Holmes said the CTA put out an alert with images of Jones taken from surveillance video. Holmes saw the flyer on Monday of this week, and recognized Jones when he was about to board a train.

"So I called 911 and informed them this individual was on the train, and that he was wanted," Holmes said.

Holmes said he followed Jones on the train to the Clark and Lake station downtown and witnessed Jones carry out the unimaginable.

"He stepped off the train, he sucker-punched a senior right in the face -- and went downstairs, and ran across another individual, and sucker punched that individual in the face," Holmes said.

Holmes lost sight of Jones, who got away, But Holmes went back to Lake and Central on Tuesday, and so did Jones.

"So I informed the 911 Center that we needed a car or two over here. I contacted the deputy of Chicago Police Department," Holmes said. "I was determined to not let this guy get away again. So by that time, the officer pulled up, went inside a building that he went in. Two more cars arrived, and they placed him into custody."

CBS 2's Le Mignot spoke to a man by phone who filed a misdemeanor complaint against Jones. Edward Boyce said Jones punched him in the face and caused him to fall down a flight of stairs. Boyce was delivering a pizza to a building on the 500 block of North Central Avenue in South Austin.

Boyce said on the phone of Jones: "He should remain in jail for what he did to me. I'm 77 years old. They have him bond in my case, and he was out to hurt other people."

A judge ordered Jones detained because of a warrant. He is to appear in court on Tuesday of next week.

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