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Chicago Police Release Stats Showing Crime Is Down For August This Year

CHICAGO (CBS)-- Crime is down across the city, according to new numbers released by the Chicago Police Department.

Police reported murders and shootings in the month of August were down to their lowest levels since 2011.

The police Supt. Eddie Johnson said officers continue to work tirelessly to make sure everyone is safe.

Last month police saw a drop in the number of aggravated batteries, burglaries, car thefts and robberies.

According to the CPD data showing the number of shootings victims and murders, this August, 288 people were shot and 46 people were killed.

Compare this to August 2018, where 341 people were shot and 59 people were killed. Shootings dropped 19% and murders dropped 23% percent over last year.

Police said the department has taken an "all hands on deck" approach this summer to address crime. Officers have been working with community based organizations and street outreach groups to tackle gun violence.

So far this year, CPD recovered more than 7,500 illegal guns. Officials said CPD is on pace to seize more than 10,000 illegal guns.

The department also unveiled several new initiatives and technology to help in their fight against crime.

Last week, police launched a Gunstat program to track gun offenders as they move through the criminal justice system and possibly identify or close loopholes in the system.

To address the violence head on, police also identified 60 neighborhood hotspots where they have seen a lot of crime.

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