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Crime Commission Expresses Concerns Over Fantasy Sports Betting Bill

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Chicago Crime Commission has serious concerns about legislation advancing in Springfield to legalize and regulate the fantasy sports betting industry.

It says the legislature needs to slow down or it is going to open fantasy sports betting to potential involvement by organized crime.

Commission board member Jeff Johnson says there's a major loophole that does not cover third parties like vendors or contractors.


"We've seen this before in the area of video gaming where the gaming board after the fact would propose certain rules to try to close loopholes and the legislature shot that down," Johnson said.

The Crime Commission sees an opportunity for organized crime involvement.

"When you're dealing with the wild wild west of internet gaming those kind of problems can happen more readily. There's less transparency here," Johnson said.

Illinois is the third-largest market for Fan Duel and Draft Kings with about two million players.

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