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Crazy Stuff You See While Riding The CTA

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Oh, the things you will see on the CTA.

Just last night, a Red Line commuter spotted a well-dressed gentleman focused on his phone, while straddling a keg of some sort of Anheuser–Busch product.

Seen On CTA Keg
(Credit: Reddit/Nicky4Pin)

That got us to wondering, what else have people spotted on the CTA, aside from that well-publicized live alligator taking a ride to O'Hare International Airport.

Sure enough, there is a fantastic website that curates those amazing moments on the trains and buses. The photos on range from humorous, to outrageous to downright disgusting. There is a photo on there that proves customers' recent complaints about certain riders using the rail cars/buses as a toilet.

We won't show you that one, but here is just a sampling of what you will find:

Fast-food garbage is ubiquitous on seats and floors, but teeth? It's as if the person simply gave up after the dentures fell out.

Seen On CTA Teeth
(Credit: People Of The CTA)

Commuters who do a 2-for-1 deal on an L train are bad enough. Turning four seats into a lounge space is outrageous.

CTA Four Seater
(Credit: People Of The CTA)

Smoking on a crowded train is so 1950s. It's amazing that nobody seems to care.

Seen On CTA Smoking
(Credit: People Of The CTA)

Somebody call the Fashion Police! The pattern on those pajamas clashes with the furry coat.

CTA High Fashion
(Credit: People of the CTA)

Darning your socks on the train when there's nobody there ... nobody cares.

Seen On CTA Laundry
(Credit: People Of The CTA)

Sock guy, please find this guy. He needs a pair. This might stop people from ever touching those poles again.

Seen On CTA Feet
(Credit: People Of The CTA)
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