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Crap Of The Week: Ozzie Guillen

(WSCR) This week's Crap of the Week goes out to former White Sox skipper Ozzie Guillen.

This, from Alex Snelius in Loving Memory of Ursula

Ozzie Guillen is as arrogant, fiery and vulgar as any manager in Major League Baseball. But he also possesses the emotional sophistication of a junior high cheerleader. Over the years, this unique combination of traits has led to some oddly sensitive, obscenity-filled rants. This week, Ozzie's upset with all you "chick bleeps" in the Chicago media who have suggested that the success of the 2012 White Sox is directly related to his absence. This doesn't "make him mad, it makes him sad." Because talking about someone behind their back is really, really mean, and he was like, totally nice to all of you last year.

"It's not fair when I see a couple of idiots in the media say that the team is playing better because I'm not here," Guillen told reporters on Tuesday. "Those that say the Sox are winning because I'm not here, that's not fair. That's not fair at all."

I assume that one of those "idiots" Guillen is referring to is the "idiot" who gave this statement to the Sun Times' Joe Cowley: "I said when I took the job with Miami that, if the Sox played like they were capable of playing, Robin will be the manager of the year. They didn't play well for me and I take that blame."

Ozzie, if you tell us that you are the one who should be blamed for a talented team not playing up to capabilities, how is it unfair to then suggest that they're playing better because you're not here? If it was your fault that they were bad, they should be better off without you. Even and overly-sensitive, fake-tough guy idiot like you should understand that logic. Ozzie Guillen, who ya crappin'?

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