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Crap Of The Week: Herb Lawrence

(WSCR) This week's Crap of the Week goes out to 670 The Score's very own Herb Lawrence.

This, from B0b in San Diego.

This goes out to The Score's gentleman and scholar, Herb Lawrence, who Saturday wrote on Facebook, "Took a ball to the face today. Calm down ladies, it was a 12-incher. I mean a 12-inch softball." Herb was playing in a game and obviously misshandled either a hit or a throw and posted this looking for a little sympathy. The only problem I see is that last Thursday, Herb Lawrence reposted an article about Steve Dahl's doctor getting hit in the face with a puck at a Hawks game. He wrote "No sympathy here. Catch the puck." Herb, a puck leaves the ice at an average of 97 mph and generally matches the background of the stadium, but that should be caught by a fan some 30 rows off the ice and then we should feel bad that, while playing softball, you missed a ball that tops out at 62 mph that you should have been ready to catch? Herb Lawrence, who ya crappin'? 

Who Ya Crappin'?


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