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CPS Mom: Students Are Bullying Jewish Son Through Online Game

(CBS) -- Chicago school officials are investigating allegations of bullying and anti-Semitism involving several students using an online video game app.

The allegations center on a hot, multi-player video game that's promoted as a way to build friendships: join a team or "clan" and attack on a battlefield.

But one Chicago mom says a group of students at her eighth-grade son's school have turned "Clash of Clans" into a hate game by attacking her son with insults and threats because he's Jewish.

"It's disturbing," says the parent, who asked that her identity be concealed. "They're using a game as a catalyst to truly spread hate."

She says it's not the game, but the way a group of students from Ogden International School have formed their team, calling themselves the Jew Incinerator Clan and posting racist goals, too.

She says she brought the issue to school administrators and Chicago Public Schools. Officials say they're aware of the complaint.

"Chicago Public Schools is serious about providing safe learning environments for its students and does not tolerate any acts of bullying. School administration and district officials are aware of the concerns and are investigating," CPS said in a statement.

Two students wrote apology letters. But the mom says others have ignored the problem, which scares her.


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