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CPD's Riccio Has Lightfoot's Ire For Going On Summer Vacation

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Chicago's number two cop has drawn the ire of Mayor Lori Lightfoot for taking a summer vacation, after she had cancelled time off for the top brass.

Lightfoot cancelled all summer vacations for high-level police commanders, so they'd be on hand to deal with warm weather violence.

But the number two man in the department, made a run for the sun anyway.

Police confirmed that Anthony Riccio, CPD's First Deputy Superintendent, took a family holiday earlier this month, just after the Memorial Day weekend that resulted in 43 shootings and seven murders.

Police said Superintendent Eddie Johnson approved Riccio's vacation way back in October, and Riccio paid for the trip, before the mayoral transition.

Sources said he escaped to Aruba.

But Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she wasn't pleased when she first heard rumors about Riccio's absence.

"That would be incredibly disappointing to me if that happened. Because I gave a very specific directive that no exempt should be taking vacation during the summer. If that happened, that will be something we have to have a serious conversation about," Lightfoot said. "The exempts have to set the example. And the example of doing something the mayor's directed them not to do is highly problematic."

After confirming Riccio's absence, Lightfoot's spokesperson said the mayor has made clear her expectations for the Chicago Police Department, and she has full confidence every member will meet those standards going forward.

No word about any possible further repercussions.

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