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CPD Partnering With African-American Police Group To Reduce Encounters Between Cops And Teens

(CBS) -- Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy says Chicago is partnering with an African-American police group reduce the occasions when encounters between officers and teenagers get out of hand, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

McCarthy notes recent confrontations between police and young black men in places like Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore and he says misunderstandings can arise when police officers patrol is some areas.


He says his department is working with the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement to design a program here in Chicago to inform teenagers and young adults how police officers think and operate…and how to avoid unintended clashes.

"We have…handouts that we have already taken, with their permission, and it's going to have a NOBLE emblem on it and Chicago PD emblem that gives kids I think it is 12 or 14 steps of things to do during an interaction with the police," McCarthy said.

The superintendent wants to lessen the chances of dangerous confrontations between the police and young black men like the ones that have happened elsewhere in the country.

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