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Homeowners Want CPD Officers Involved In Botched Raid Disciplined

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Last week, Chicago Police raided a home on the South Side as part of a drug investigation, but officers entered the wrong home.

Wednesday, the homeowner called on the CPD to make things right.

"They kicked in my home, my door," Shanae Cross said. "We want justice."

Cross called the situation a nightmare that has left her family in shambles. She described officers kicking down her door early Friday morning with guns drawn, and trying to handcuff her 17-year-old brother.

"He doesn't want to be home. He doesn't feel safe," she said.

Nearly a week later, the family gathered at City Hall with a list of demands.

"We want all officers involved in this disciplined," said Nina Morris, the Cross family's spokesperson. "The door [police] knocked down was an oak, steel door. They have provided a cheap, entry level door, and we want a door that they had before this incident."

"If I run into somebody's home, I'm a burglar, I'm a suspect, and I'm going to jail," Cross said. "What's going to happen to them? My home is still not secure. It's still not safe."

The CPD apologized in a statement, calling the incident "an error and an inconvenience."

"CPD deeply regrets the error and the inconveniences caused on Christmas weekend," a spokesperson said, who added Police Supt. Eddie Johnson called the head of the household to apologize.

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