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Cowher: Bears May Have To Make Change At QB

(WSCR) Jay Cutler's antics during Thursday night's loss to the Packers have brought an onslaught of criticism directed toward the Bears signal caller.

During the NFL Network's broadcast on Thursday, Cutler was seen repeatedly yelling at his teammates, even bumping left tackle J'Marcus Webb in frustration.

Cutler's actions prompted one Super-Bowl-winning coach to suggest that if he doesn't change his ways, the Bears may have to consider making a change at quarterback.

''The guy's got a strong arm. There is no question about that,'' Cowher said on CBS' 'The NFL Today.' ''He's had some protection issues. I know there's been some questionable [play] calling. But they brought players in to help this guy win a championship, and he's going to [have to] prove to be more accountable -- not sensationalize every little mistake with his antics and body language.

''He's a good quarterback. But if he does not change his ways and this team does not go to the playoffs, they have to consider changing. He has to change.''


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