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Disney On Ice Has Multiple Levels Of Precautions As They Perform Amid Pandemic

ROSEMONT, Ill. (CBS) -- Keeping a workplace as safe as possible from COVID is no easy task.

So imagine doing it for a traveling tour of more than 80 people putting on shows for thousands at the Allstate Arena. CBS 2's Tim McNicholas showed us Friday how Disney On Ice tackles that tough task.

Skaters with Disney On Ice portray your favorite Disney characters like Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" or Miguel from "Coco." But behind those fictional characters are very real performers, trying to stay safe and healthy.

"Coming back to tour in a pandemic is no small feat," said Tristan Josef, tour manager for "Disney On Ice Presents Mickey's Search Party." "One of the most enriching things about being able to be on the road is being able to see each city we go to and whether it be the good see the sights and sounds. Right now, we're really being careful when we do that."

So no deep dish delivered then?

"Deep dish delivered might be more safe," Josef said.

Josef said the cast and crew wear masks during warmups and backstage, and they test for COVID twice a week so if anyone is positive, they can sit out and quarantine.

They even rapid-tested McNicholas himself as soon as he entered Allstate Arena.

Between the performers and the people behind the stage, the crew consists of about 80 people - and every one of them is vaccinated. As for the people in the seats, they will all be vaccinated too - as it is required for entertainment venues in Cook County.

"You can come here, have a really great couple hours, and do it responsibly and safely," said performance director Adam Loosely, "and I'm really proud to be a part of that."

The team uses a spray gun to disinfect costumes and props after the performances. Josef said they've also hired an epidemiologist to consult with, and make sure they're doing everything they can.

"Really looking out for each other and seeing how people have come together has been a really unforgettable emotional thing," Josef said.

Of course, even with all that, COVID is still a risk. With cases dropping nationwide, they hope Omicron is on thin ice.

The show will run at Allstate Arena through Sunday. It will also be back in early February.

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