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Couple Spotted Apparently Having Sex While Driving On Ike

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A video posted on the Internet appears to show the ultimate form of distracted driving.

WBBM's Mike Krauser reports the video, a version of which was posted on YouTube this month, opens with text reading "One day while driving east on I-290."

Two women are heard talking as they film a minivan driving next to them, while two people appear to be having sex in the driver's seat.

The video shows a woman sitting in a man's lap, facing him, and bouncing up and down.

The women filming the video can be heard squabbling over whether to keep taping the couple in the minivan.

"I think I'm going to stop it now," one woman says.

"No no no. No no," the other says. "I want to get her bouncing again. She's just leaning on him now, and I want her bouncing."

The video lasts a little over a minute, and at one point, the couple in the car seems to notice they're being taped, as the man waves from the driver's window.

"You're making it a little obvious," the woman recording the video says to the woman watching along.

"They are too," she says.

The video was removed from You Tube on Tuesday afternoon.

Another version of that video appeared about two years ago, but resurfaced again this week.

Here is the full video. (Adult Content)

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