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Coronavirus Closings: Cook County Court System Effectively On Hold

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Cook County court system is effectively on hold, due to coronavirus. Criminal and civil cases in the Circuit Court of Cook County will be postponed for a 30-day period, starting Tuesday.

Chief Judge Evans consulted with the court's 17 presiding judges, the county board president, state's attorney, public defender, sheriff, clerk of the circuit court and representatives of local bar associations.

"We are modifying court operations to protect the public, court staff and the judiciary," Evans said. "We will continue to identify the appropriate balance between allowing access to justice and minimizing the threat to public health."

No jury trials in criminal or civil matters will begin in the 30 days. Individuals who have been summoned to jury duty from March 17 through April 15 should not report for jury duty. They will receive a new date for service.

All traffic and misdemeanor matters scheduled in the 30 days are postponed to a future date.

Hearings that will proceed in the 30 days include bail hearings, arraignments and preliminary hearings. For domestic violence matters, petitioners may seek orders of protection during the 30 days.

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