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Cops Get On Donut Shop Rooftops To Raise Money For Special Olympics

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Cops and donuts traditionally have gone together like bread and butter.

On Friday, officers from across the Chicago area spent some time on the roofs of Dunkin' Donuts shops for the 15th annual Cops on the Rooftop fundraiser for Special Olympics.

At the Dunkin' Donuts at Roosevelt and Canal, Chicago Police Department civilian training officer Kathy Torres-Gonzalez put academy trainees on the corner to raise money from motorists, while Sgt. Steve Witczak and Officer Mike Reischl were up on the roof.

"I do have a son who has special needs, so I'm even more blessed to be able to come out here and do this," she said.

Torres-Gonzalez said it's important to heighten "everyone's awareness of the special needs but for officers to know that they have to approach things safely but, the safety of someone with special needs has to be addressed."

Despite jokes for years about overweight cops and donuts, Witczak – a 30-year veteran of the force – said more officers are remaining fit these days.

"Right from the beginning they're told 'You need to stay in shape.' Everything in moderation. I mean, I like a good donut too, but I try to maintain my weight and watch what I eat," he said.

Reischl said cops might regularly spend time at donut shops, but he said more of them try to stay in shape.

"I regularly work out. Once again, like Sergeant Witczak said, everything in moderation. I think, in general out there in society, there's just more awareness on how to eat properly," he said.

Torres-Gonzalez said the Dunkin' Donuts at Roosevelt and Canal has raised the more money than other location in the city. Last year, $7,000 was raised at that location.

As a whole, the Chicago Police Department's goal is to raise $40,000 this year. Last year, officials say $35,000 was raised for Special Olympics.

In all, police will be staking out 275 Dunkin' Donuts shops in Illinois on Friday for the fundraiser.

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