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Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart Discuss New Efforts To Curb Carjackings

CHICAGO (CBS) -- More than 200 drivers were carjacked in Chicago last month. Only January had a higher number of cases and it's been a big problem for the city throughout the year.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart discussed different ways to curb the issue Thursday.

Some of the solutions include collaborating with automakers to address the crime and creating a free 24/7 hotline that customers and law enforcement can contact to request the vehicle's location when it's stolen.

"Automakers can be part of a long-term solution to the rise in this incredibly serious crime," Dart said. "We believe they will want to be part of that solution, and we look forward to meaningful conversations and actions."

The Cook County Sheriff's Office has created a consent form for owners to grant permission to release the vehicle's tracking information to law enforcement if their vehicle is taken. With the owner's permission, police can work with auto companies to get the vehicle's location information. The form is available on their website.

The county's new efforts come less than 24 hours after Chicago prosecutors and members of the area's carjacking task force held a webinar. They revealed the top cars people are stealing including Camrys, Cherokees, Chargers, Malibu's, and Altima's. There are also growing reports of carjackers following shoppers' home.

Police say make sure no one's following you if you leave a big store or mall.

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