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Cook County Judge Injured In Courtroom Scuffle

MAYWOOD (CBS) -- A Cook County judge has been injured in a courtroom tussle in Maywood.

CBS 2's Brad Edwards reports, the deputies knew who they were dealing with and took extra precautions, which raises questions as to how this could happen.

The sheriff's office says defendant Michael Ganter broke free after his hearing and attacked the judge as deputies escorted him past the bench back to the lockup.

Bolting for the judge before he was handcuffed, he jumped on judge Geary Kull and beat him about the face, landing several punches.

Geary Kull
Geary Kull

We're told the accused was eventually subdued by stun gun. One of the gun's prongs also hit the judge.

Sheriff Tom Dart's corrections director, Cara Smith, says deputies reported Ganter struck the judge in the head.

"The gentleman who struck him, struck him in the head and the face," said Cook County Chief Judge Tim Evans. "Judge Kull told me that he was pummeled by this gentleman."

"In this particular incident, it happened so quickly."

An investigation is now under way to see how things were handled.

The judge plans to be back on the bench on Friday.

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