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Parisian Brand Releases Convertible Jeans That May Make You Question Fashion

CHICAGO (CBS) -- If you though "fake mud" jeans were bad, or RompHims, you may cringe when you see one of the latest style of jeans released by the Parisian brand, Y/Project.

These new jeans will remind you of a few fashion "statements" from the 1990s.

First, remember those zippered cargo pants that you thought were so great because you could zip the legs off and make them into shorts? Maybe some people refered to them as "shants" (what a terrible name), or convertible shorts or zip-offs. Fortunately that trend died off in the 2000s, besides for outdoors clothing, - what were we thinking?

shopping (1)
White Sierra Men's Convertible Trail Pants (Credit: REI)

Then, remember when "jorts" were socially acceptable? Yikes! Jeans are great, shorts are great - but men in jorts...not so much.

And if you don't know what jorts are...well you luckily missed out on the early-90s trend that was, for the most part, left in that decade - THANKFULLY. (Though now many retailers have made fashion-forward jean short designs for young men).

Jorts are, in the simplest term, jean shorts. But not jean shorts that women wear - no, these are longer, sometimes cargo, jean shorts that you may have worn as a kid or that your dad is still trying to make "cool."

Men's Wrangler Jean Shorts, otherwise known as Jorts. (Credit: Wrangler)

Now, the Parisian brand, Y/Project has released multifunctional/convertible jeans for women - that you'll either love or will make you want to cringe.

High-Waisted Convertible Jeans (Credit: Y/Project,

With a $425 price tag, these jeans feature cutouts where the pant leg detaches into a very short, female version of jorts. They are so short, that they look like briefs, or swim bottoms, with a button fly. Why, just why?

High-Waisted Convertible Jeans (Credit: Y/Project,
High-Waisted Convertible Jeans (Credit: Y/Project,
High-Waisted Convertible Jeans

But these are not the first unique pair of jeans from the designer. Y/Project is also featuring oversized folded jeans, button cuffed jeans, button patch jeans.

And maybe even a more cringe-worthy pair - garter strap jeans.

y project garter jeans
Garter Strap Jeans (Credit: Y/Project,

And Y/Project is not the only designer making statements with denim. There is quite the list of denim trends happening in 2017.

Remember Topshop's Clear Knee Mom Jeans...

Topshop Clear Knee Mom Jeans (Credit: Topshop)

Or their clear jeans, that weren't even jeans at that point - just straight plastic...

Topshop All Clear Jeans (Credit: Topshop)

Or what about the "Fake Mud" Jeans Nordstrom recently released... that surprisingly are already SOLD OUT!

Muddy Jeans
Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans - Dirty jeans, available at Nordstrom. (Credit: Nordstrom)

And those are just some of the growing list of jeans trending in 2017 and its only May! Ugh, what's next?

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