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Contingency Plans In Place For Students In Case Of Teachers Strike

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Families are scrambling to make plans in case a Chicago Teachers Union Strike happens.

Albany Park's community center has space for 117 students in the event of a strike.

The cost is $25 a day per child, but directors say there is already a waiting list.

"At the end of the day, parents need to know their kids are safe and secure if the parents need to go to work," said Antoinette Peterson, who works at the community city.

In the event of a strike, Chicago Public Schools will be open during normal hours for students, but there will be no teachers. Administrators will watch children.

Chicago Public Libraries will be also open, along with a limited number of parks, Safe Haven sites, and other community partner sites. Alternative sites are listed in the site locator tool at the bottom of the page. More sites will be added as additional locations are identified.

Find a site for your children.  Register your children at a CPS location.

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