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Confrontation In Lake Zurich Left Four Cars Damaged

LAKE ZURICH (CBS) -- Police in far north suburban Lake Zurich are trying to determine what led to a confrontation early Wednesday that ended with four vehicles damaged, including two police squad cars.

It was 3:15 a.m. when the 911 call came in, according to a police statement.

A motorist called police to say someone was following him on Rand Road, but did not know why. When police arrived moments later they all pulled over into a parking lot.

The driver of the other car refused to speak with police or even roll his windows down.

When the victim tried to drive off, the second motorist again tried to follow and ram it.


A police squad tried to block the other motorist, who then drove at officers who were on foot.

They got out of the way without injury.

Eventually, another police squad drove between the two cars and stopped the second auto, becoming damaged in the process.

The driver of the second car was taken to Good Shepherd Hospital for evaluation.

Prosecutors are trying to decide if charges are warranted.

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