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Concerns Grow Among Firefighters After CFD Paramedic Tests Positive For Coronavirus

CHICAGO (CBS)-- At least one Chicago firefighter is refusing to go on call Wednesday morning amid growing concerns about the coronavirus.

This comes as a paramedic tested positive for COVID-19.

The firefighters union wants the entire fire house where the infected paramedic worked to be shut down. The city isn't revealing which firehouse was impacted.

The infected paramedic is now in quarantine along with his partner, and the firehouse has been deep cleaned.

The city doesn't believe the paramedic who tested positive contracted the virus while responding to a call. CBS 2 was told he worked his shift Saturday, starting feeling sick Sunday and got a positive test Monday.

In an internal email, the president of the Firefighters Union expressed concerns for the safety of the men and women of CFD who have to respond to calls.

A source within the fire department told CBS 2 that firefighters are not getting the results of COVID-19 tests from people they come into contact with on the job, who are showing symptoms. This leaving them unsure of whether or not to quarantine

While the department has given firefighters and paramedics protective gear and masks, an official source within the department says those masks haven't been spray tested, which ensures a proper fit.

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