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Commissioner Withdraws Proposal To Make Circuit Court Clerk An Appointed Position

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Cook County's embattled Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown scored a big victory today as some county board members suddenly abandoned their plan to make the clerk's job an appointed post.

CBS 2's Mike Parker covered the emotional, sometimes raucous board meeting.

Dorothy Brown had scores of supporters in the crowd as Republican Commissioner Peter Silvestri spoke. He is "concerned" he declared, about the "divisive nature" of the proposal that's been evident in recent days, so he withdrew his resolution calling for the state to change the law and make the Circuit Court clerk position an elected one. Silvestri insists the proposal had nothing to do with Brown, who he considers a friend.

Brown stood briefly before the noisy crowd, then before reporters.

"I see it as a victory for the people," she said. "It was clear that this resolution was really meant to dilute the Voting Rights Act."

Rev. Janette Wilson of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition said proposal is, "Part of a consistent move by the Republican Party across this nation to roll back the gains we've made in voting rights."

County Board President Toni Preckwinkle issued a statement saying she had nothing to do with the original proposal and had not endorsed it.

For some time, there's been no love lost between Brown and Preckwinkle.

Most recently, the board president and commissioners flatly turned down Brown's request for a pay raise. As a result, Brown still makes $105,000 a year.

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