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Comedy Central's Hall Of Flame: Top 100 Roast Moments Premieres March 29

(CBS Local)-- Comedy Central is known for its roasts of the biggest celebrities in the entertainment, music and sports worlds and starting Monday, March 29, fans can relive the best moments ever in a new special called "Comedy Central's Hall of Fame: Top 100 Roast Moments."

Comedian Nikki Glaser hosts the special and throughout the countdown many different comedians will weigh in on the great roast moments and what they remember about all of the hilarious jokes in the moment. Stand-up comedian and writer from "The Daily Show" Josh Johnson is one of the commentators you will see throughout the special.

CBS Local caught up with Johnson to preview the special, discuss his work at "The Daily Show" with Trevor Noah and relive his favorite roast moments ever.

"I grew up watching these roasts and it was both weird and very cool," said Johnson. "I forgot about the roast of Pamela Anderson, but then you watch and this is as funny as it was when I was a little kid. When I was a kid, I was laughing at how vicious it was. Now as an adult and a comic, I'm laughing at how good the jokes were structured. I think the ability to completely separate yourself from how people are going to feel about your jokes because as a stand-up that's one of the hardest things to do. People are very sensitive about their jokes and their quality and how they deliver them. People are going to judge the way you hit back and the way you tell jokes."

Johnson has done stand-up comedy all over the country and will have a comedy special coming out with Comedy Central soon. The comic and writer has learned a ton from Trevor Noah and the other correspondents from "The Daily Show" since he joined the mix as a writer in 2017.

"I've definitely been very fortunate. I have this Comedy Central special that's going to be coming out, which is my first hour," said Johnson. "It's produced by Trevor Noah and it has been a life-changing thing to be able to both go on the road with him and write at The Daily Show because it has really shaped how I approach comedy now. As a stand-up, sometimes it's about feeling it and feeling funny. Whenever it becomes your job, it doesn't really mater if you feel funny because you have to produce something. That's really helped me."

Watch "Comedy Central's Hall of Fame: Top 100 Roast Moments" on Comedy Central and Paramount+.

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