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ComEd Won't Reimburse Residents For Spoiled Food

CHICAGO (CBS) -- If some of your food spoiled when your house lost electricity this week,  ComEd says it's not responsible for replacing it.

ComEd spokesman Paul Elsberg says this week's massive outage was caused by an act of nature, and that's not one of the reasons the utility will reimburse customers.

"ComEd accepts claims for losses that result from actions taken by ComEd," Paul Elsberg said.

"In the case of this storm, which is an act of nature, ComEd does not reimburse customers for damage to their property or food spoilage."

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Elsberg says food will stay frozen in a fully stocked freezer for up to 48 hours if you leave the door closed.

Nearly 200,000 customers were still without power 48 hours after the storm.  More than 850,000 customers initially lost service.

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