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Over 400 ComEd Employees Heading To Georgia To Assist With Hurricane Response

CHICAGO (CBS)-- In Chicago, ComEd crews are preparing for the drive to Georgia, to help with potential power outages and damage caused by Hurricane Dorian.

The company is sending more than 400 employees and contractors to help with the Hurricane Dorian restoration efforts.

Officials said crews will stop in Georgia, due to the direction of the storm. While in Georgia, ComEd crews will wait to see if they are needed in Florida, where the storm was originally expected to hit.

ComEd employees first had to do a safety briefing before heading out to help those affected by Dorian.

In Florida, people are already being asked to get ready for Hurricane Dorian. The Florida governor says people should have seven days worth of food, medicine and water.

Flooding could affect millions of people for days.

Fuel shortages at some gas stations have been reported and authorities are bringing in more fuel from out of state.

There is also the issue of power outages.

ComEd's Vice President of Distribution Operation Vito Martino said the crews are anticipating helping with downed wires and police as well as "rebuilding infrastructure."

Crews will begin the restoration process after Hurrican Dorian makes landfall.

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