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The Coldest Days Ever In Chicago: This Week's Temps Come Close

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Chicago is expected to see history-making cold temperatures later this week, with the potential for record-setting wind chills in addition to dangerous surface readings.

A wind chill warning has been issued, starting Tuesday through Thursday.

Right now, the low overnight on Tuesday could hit 20 below zero, which would equal one of the 15 coldest days in Chicago history. Wednesday's forecast high of 12 below zero would set a record for the coldest high temperature ever.

Temps on Tuesday and Wednesday could set records for the day.

The worst-ever wind chill happened on Christmas Eve 1983: minus 57, adjusted for a new wind chill formula adopted about 15 years ago. Under the old formula, the chill was recorded at minus 82.

Wind chills on Wednesday morning could reach minus 60.

The coldest day ever happened on Jan. 20, 1985.

It was 27 degrees below zero that day.

Here is a list of the coldest recorded days in Chicago:

Date Temperature
Jan. 20, 1985 27 below zero
Jan 10, 1982 26 below zero
Jan. 16, 1982 25 below zero
Dec. 24, 1983 25 below zero
Dec. 24, 1872 23 below zero
Jan. 17, 1982 23 below zero
Jan. 19, 1985 23 below zero
Jan. 21, 1984 22 below zero
Dec 22, 1872 21 below zero
Feb. 9, 1899 21 below zero
Dec. 23, 1983 21 below zero
Jan. 18, 1994 21 below zero
Jan. 9, 1875 20 below zero
Jan. 25, 1897 20 below zero
Jan. 20, 1984 20 below zero


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