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Coach Credited With Reviving Student Who Collapsed At Basketball Game

(CBS) -- It was during a basketball game between Ida Crown Jewish Academy and Luther North College Prep on Wednesday night when a 15-year-old athlete from Luther North collapsed while sitting on the bench.

"Obviously everyone noticed something was terribly wrong, but no one really reacted as to how wrong it was," says Rabbi Leonard Matanky, principal at Ida Crown Jewish Academy.

That's when baseball coach Steve Greenberg, who was in the stands, sprung into action, grabbed an AED defibrillator and revived the teen.

"Greenberg was trained on an AED and was able to react, start the device, re-start the young man's heart and he was taken to the hospital."

Matanky says this is the first time something like this has happened.

"This is the first time, and please God, the last," he says.

"All of our coaches undergo First Aid training, and they undergo safety training and CPR and how to use an AED device. It's something we've always followed, and we're extremely proud it was able to pay off and he saved a life. He's the hero of the evening, he truly is."

The principal says school officials plan on adding two new AEDs to the gym and increase training.

Ida Crown Jewish Academy designated Friday as a "Day of Learning" to honor the coach and wish a speedy recovery for the Luther North player.

"Steve is cherished member of the community and he really stepped forward during a moment of extraordinary stress and concern and saved this young man's life," Matanky says. "As far as the athlete, I spoke to his principal and he's doing well."

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