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ClownBloq To Media: The Joke Is On You

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Clown Bloq – a protest group that claimed it would dress in clown makeup and throw pies as political opponents during the NATO Summit – now says it was all designed to con the media from the beginning.

Last week, members of Clown Bloq said they would be armed with 1,000 whipped cream pies during the NATO Summit.

Police sources told CBS 2 that the group is one of the more radical protest organizations. They are known to wear multiple layers of clothing during demonstrations, which they peel away to avoid detection.

The Web site for the group says it must be "consistently reiterated that Clown Bloq is both a joke and NOT a joke," and a member said the best comparison was a court jester.

But on Saturday, the group said it had never planned to go around in clown suits throwing pies at police officers at all. The whole thing was a ruse to fool what they call the "mainstream media."

A "communique" released Saturday afternoon< began: "Hello MSM. We are #ClownBloq. And you have been clowned. We have watched with joyous #Lulz. We threw you a pie, and you ate every bite. We are not a joke. YOU are the joke. With our gentle coaxing, you have eaten out of our hands. We have no pies. No. Instead we have convinced the 'Emperor' to wear no clothes."

The communique went on to identify Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Department of Homeland Security, police Supt. Garry McCarthy, and the "sensationalist mainstream media" as "the real clowns."

They took the City of Chicago to task for closing mental health clinics and "sacrificing" social services and education.

"While the MSM has focused on 'radicalizing' #ClownBloq, we are focused on supporting those in this great city who recognize the absurdity of militarized repression of US citizens protesting the militarized repression of global citizens," the communique said.

Earlier in the day, the ClownBloq claimed twice that it was conducting training exercises at the Wellington Avenue Church, 615 W. Wellington Ave., but that the media was not invited.

Also earlier Saturday, the ClownBloq defended the three men charged with making Molotov cocktails and plotting terrorist attacks on police stations, as well as President Barack Obama's campaign headquarters, Mayor Rahm Emanuel's house and various financial institutions.

Clown Bloq, a group that has made headlines for its plans to throw pies during anti-NATO demonstrations, put out the following tweet late Saturday morning: "We are very concerned for our friends who have been charged with Beerorrism. We are waiting for the FEDS to get us on Clownspiracy."

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