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Clothing Consignment: How Much Can You Save?

(CBS) -- Whether you're in the market for new summery styles or you just want to get rid of clothes cluttering your closet, there are ways to save money -- and maybe even make a few bucks.

CBS 2 Cost Cutter Dorothy Tucker takes a look at clothing consignment.

"I love clothes. And I love shopping," says consignment shopper Courtenay Kelly.

At one Chicago shop, Designer Resale, we found a pair of pants that originally retailed for $325, selling for just $84.

We also found a $1,500 jacket for just $333 and an $11,000 Chanel coat for $2,500.

"You get a beautiful designed piece sometimes at a fraction of the cost," says Kelly.

There are deals for buyers galore -- in the store and online.

"If you're willing to buy used, you can save a ton of money," says Consumers' Checkbook Executive Editor, Kevin Brasler.

But, flip the coin: What if you've got unwanted clothes taking up space in your closet?

How good is the money when you sell them?

"Well, it's probably not very good," says shopper Patty Wilson.

Consumers' Checkbook recently did a test to find out.

"Even if you just paid $60 for something, don't expect to get $50 for it -- you're not," cautions Brasler.

But you may get more by selling it online.

Selling a $71 Banana Republic shirt, Checkbook testers got $15 through eBay -- $9 more than they were offered in person at a consignment shop.

Other sites: Redup ; Poshmark ; RealReal.

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