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Claypool Hurls More Insults At Gov. Rauner Over School Budget Mess

(CBS) -- Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool is angrily blaming Gov. Bruce Rauner -- again -- for Chicago schools' budget mess.

On Monday, Claypool sent a letter to parents blaming the Republican for the Chicago schools spending freeze.

The Rauner administration accused Claypool of creating a crisis to try to push for a tax increase.

Now Claypool has followed up by calling a news conference to accuse the governor of Donald Trump-like tactics.

"It is a verifiable truth that I've been talking about for 18 months that poor black and brown kids in Chicago get a fraction of the resources of white and more affluent children in the rest of the state of Illinois, and Governor Rauner has made it worse – worse," Claypool said.

Rauner's office declined to respond. The governor has said years of mismanagement in Chicago has caused the current financial crisis in the city's school system.

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