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City Switching Residents To ComEd For Electricity

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Electricity users in the city of Chicago are going to find themselves with choices over the next month or so as the city ends its bulk discount program for buying electricity.

The city is ending its aggregate electricity buying program because there aren't the same kinds of electricity deals on the market as there were a couple of years ago.

Between August and September, 600,000 electricity customers will automatically be switched to having ComEd as their supplier unless they choose an alternative company. The Citizens Utility Board says its CubPowerCalculator can help you decide which company may be best for you.

"Illinois' electricity market has become more complicated. You have to be aware of more bad deals out there," says CUB spokesman Jim Chilsen.

Chilsen says that, among the things, you need to be wary of alternative companies--with possible exit fees and quick-ending introductory power rates.

Chilsen says the end of the city's aggregation program "could spark an avalanche of advertising pitches from alternative suppliers."

CUB says that, although ComEd has the best rates around right now, that doesn't mean people can't find deals if they look.


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