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City Says Bike Sharing Going Well But Helmets Won't Be Available

CHICAGO (CBS) -- City officials say the Divvy bike-sharing program is going well after barely two weeks and there's no plan to make helmets available for rent.

"I'd rather not die," said Jennifer Fisher

Fisher would've liked the option of renting a helmet with a Divvy bike.

But her friend Chedia Abdelkafi says a rented helmet is not for her.

"Renting a helmet? Lots of lice? I don't like that. Renting a helmet in general."

"It's not part of the program or anything we envision," said Pete Scales.

Pete Scales is spokesman for the Chicago Department of Transportation, which runs the Divvy bike sharing program.

It is legal to ride a bike in Chicago without a helmet.

"In other systems around the world that have had helmet laws, they weren't as successful as other ones that didn't."

Helmets Not Available For Bike Sharing

Scales says there have been 35,000 rides on the Divvy Bikes so far after 17 days.

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