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City Keeps Ticketing Scooter, Despite Parking Legally

Laura Schmecht
Laura Schmecht rides her pink scooter to work when the weather is warm, but is frustrated at being given four parking tickets, despite parking legally. (Credit: Mike Krauser/WBBM)

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A woman from the Lakeview neighborhood has about had it with the parking meter attendants who keep leaving $75 tickets on her legally parked scooter.

WBBM Newsradio's Mike Krauser reports Laura Schmecht regularly rides her pink scooter to work when the weather is nice, and parks near 13th Street and Michigan Avenue.

Scooter Ticketed For Parking Legally

"I got it this past summer, and I love it. It's super fun," she said.

She parks the scooter in a residential parking zone, where cars must have a residential zone sticker to park, but scooter's don't need one. Even so, Schmecht said she's received four parking tickets for $75, prompting her to fasten a sign to her scooter's mirror, explaining the law.

Scooter Tickets
(Photo Credit: Laura Schmecht)

"They keep giving me tickets, so I put the sign up," she said. "It says 'Dear meter attendant, according to the city of Chicago website, scooters are allowed to park in residential areas without displaying permits."

She said she'll challenge the tickets, and she expects to win. She has before.

"It's pretty frustrating," she said.

Schmecht said she just wants parking attendants to know the law, so she doesn't have to deal with the hassle.

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