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Chris Janes, Little League Whistleblower, Arrested

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The man who first raised concerns about rules violations by the Jackie Robinson West baseball team was arrested on Tuesday morning after a disturbance outside a woman's home.

Evergreen Park Little League coach Chris Janes was arrested by Evergreen Park police on disorderly conduct, assault and public intoxication charges.

Around 1 a.m., Janes allegedly approached a woman after she parked her car and chased her into her home. Police were called after Janes pounded on the door, began shouting and creating a disturbance.

The woman told police she did not know Janes.

Janes told CBS 2's Brad Edwards that he was drunk.

"There's no two sides to this," Janes said. "Really, really bad judgment on my part. I had too much to drink, thought I was going to my house and was going to someone elses. I scared the heck out of them. I am embarrassed and ashamed."

Janes is the one who initially raised questions about the residency of JRW players which eventually led to their Little League National Championship being revoked. Janes says he is not making any excuses.

"I'd like to again thank them for all support they've given us through the JRW scenario and just my deepest apologies to them," Janes said. "I made a difficult job more difficult on them and that is not right and they deserve better and I am sorry."

Neighbor Bill Waddick knew something was amiss. when he was alerted by the lights.

"I looked outside there was a bunch of squad cars up and down the street here," he said.

Waddick said he saw at least six squad cars.

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