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Lurie Children's Hospital Gets Close To Testing COVID Vaccine On Kids

CHICAGO (CBS) -- There is still a huge population that can't be vaccinated: kids.

Right now, Lurie Children's Hospital is getting closer to testing Moderna's vaccine on elementary and middle school students. CBS 2's Marie Saavedra talked to one mom who wants her kids to be part of it.

"I've always been pro-vaccine. I've never had any question as a parent that if there's ever an opportunity to vaccinate my children I will 100% do it."

Kelly Nichols has a trust in science that she hopes to pass down to her nine-year-old twins. And it could come through participating in a COVID vaccine trial.

"They both are excited to contribute to the process," Nichols said.

The Highland Park mom signed both kids up for the chance to be selected in Lurie Children's Hospital's pediatric trials. She fears her twins having COVID more than them getting a dose of a vaccine already used in adults.

"Because it's a version of what we have already gotten," Nichols said. "That made me be like ok, sign them up."

"As soon as a company is ready to start enrolling in Chicago, we will be ready to start contacting patients."

Doctor Taylor Heald-Sargent is helping select the children, ages six through 12, who will take part in testing of the Moderna vaccine in the coming months. And they're still accepting applications for future testing of other vaccines in that same age range.

"If we want to have our population as a whole protected, we need to include them in vaccination strategies," said the doctor.

She said they'll focus on picking kids from areas hard hit by COVID to start, aiming for a fair selection strategy. But it will take all kinds to find the right amount for our kids.

The Nichols twins hope they'll be selected to do their part.

"If I offer them up to science, to get this over the finish line, and if that helps kids across the world, then I want that," Nichols said. "I want that."


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