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'Sanctuary City' Status May Hurt Chicago With Trump Administration

(CBS) -- Chicago's reputation as a safe haven for undocumented immigrants could cost it billions of dollars under the Trump administration.

CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker reports.

Chicago's designation as "sanctuary city" means the undocumented Mexican Americans who shop in Little Village have, what the head of the chamber of commerce calls, "peace of mind."

That peace of mind came in 2012 when the Chicago City Council passed an ordinance saying undocumented immigrants stopped by police for minor crimes would not have fear of deportation because authorities won't call immigration officials.

"They're gonna be stopped for speeding, but the officer will not ask them for documents proving they're a citizen or not," Jaimie Di Paulo says.

That policy doesn't sit well with President elect Donald Trump, who threatened to cancel federal funding to sanctuary cities.

In Chicago, that's an anticipated $1.33 billion for 2017 -- money that is used for everything from building bridges to feeding students. It's money Trump supporters don't want the city to lose just to protect illegal immigrants.

"When people break the law there are consequences, and being here illegally is, as the name implies, breaking the law," Jeff Halm says.

Mayor Emanuel has indicated he's committed to Chicago remaining a sanctuary city, but Trump's stance against illegals still stings.

"You don't see too many people on the streets," Little Village merchant Andres Moya says.

Emanuel says the President-elect has yet to set out his formal agenda.



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